06 March 2012

Poetic madness?

The courage of the poet is to keep ajar the door that leads into madness. 
Christopher Morley

what God not only asks but commands of me
yet how often the pen remains frozen in my hand
fearing what may enter in
as a trickle
only to leave as a flood

But I know He holds my hand
my lifeline
my way back

So I step out
and step in
to hear, see, feel
then allow words
to share those places
many fear to go

Poetry lives in the broken pieces

Joining Peter Pollock and the gang as we look at madness



A Joyful Noise said...

Courage He says, be of good cheer, for I have overcome the World. Be bold and hold that pen. Let it flow like a river.

Oh no, I am having trouble with these Capcha letters. Almost did not comment, but Here is try number one.

caryjo said...

I know He holds my hand. If it wasn't for that, there'd be no hope, no spiritual success, no True future.

Good reminder.

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