14 March 2012

Mid March happy

I don't care
that it is only March
that this is Manitoba
and snows can return
full force and fierce
turning the land back to winter
in April and May

For today
I will rejoice in the thaw
the promise of Spring
the scent of melting carried
by the warm, howling winds
Lifting my hands to dance
as the sun streams
hot on my bare feet

This is all His design
as I am His
as He Is mine

mid-March happy
drunk on His love

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine; he browses among the lilies. Song of Songs 6:3 NIV

Joining Jennifer in noticing the God-Bumps today...



Dolly@ Soul Stops said...

what a lovely poem...visiting from Jennifer's blog...blessings!

Anonymous said...

and He is beautiful

Angie Vik said...

I'm visiting from Jennifer's blog. I love your poem and can relate to some degree. We live in Northern Wisconsin and spring is long and messy.

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