16 May 2011

The world awash

We had a winter of white, more snow than most could recall, and the heavy rains that followed washed it all away but left flooding behind.
Not a lake, but a meadow waits here for drying winds to blow.  The air is filled with songs.  Seagulls, ducks and frogs call out in their rejoicing.

What is inconvenient for man proves enjoyable to a group of pelicans.

As for us, we live on high sandy ground.  The excess moisture has created extravagance.  Lush. 

I will spend my afternoon in the breezy sunlight, riding the lawn tractor, nothing to do but worship and pray as I complete the first cutting of the year.

Another cycle of breath. Exhale winter weariness.  Inhale new life. 
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Beth in NC said...

What a sweet post. I pray you enjoy each season.

Bless you!

Sandra Heska King said...


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