03 May 2011

What do you do for fun??

People in my family all seemed to enjoy playing games of one sort or another.  My mother gathered weekly with other women to play mahjong, my father and his father played pinochle, my grandmother played a card game called Kaluki with her girlfriends. 

I know I loved the board game Chutes and Ladders when I was very young, mostly because I imagined what it would feel like if the chutes (slides) were real.  I loved spending the night at my great aunt Ruthie's place because she would teach me double solitaire, stopping only for snacks or ice cream, playing until late into the night.

My oldest brother had a group of friends who used our apartment as a hangout - playing endless games of Hearts.  Soon the whole family caught the habit.

Games were an easy and free way to pass the time.

In the years of my growing up and growing away I thought that games were boring and mundane, somehow beneath me.  I had no time for them as I chased after wilder and more dangerous activities.  As I jumped into all that the world had to offer, alcohol, drugs and promiscuity, I thought I was finally having big fun.

I remember a conversation with the man that God chose to soften my heart and lead me into the safety of Christ's arms. I knew nothing at all about Christian life and  I asked him with great sarcasm:  "What do you people do for fun, play board games?"  I just could not imagine how I could continue to enjoy life if I gave up my reckless pursuits. Yet give them up I did, surrendering them to Jesus along with my heart. 

With the sense of humour and irony that only the Lord could possess, I have come full circle.  My husband and I spend many wonderful evenings with friends, with hours lost in Settlers of Catan or the Farming Game.  I have become what I was most afraid of and in so doing, I have never found more joy.

Join us at Peter Pollock's as we talk about games.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Karin. You made me smile so big reading this! Thank you. :)

A Joyful Noise said...

My husband enjoys cross word puzzles and I know it expands his mind to solve those intricate brainteasers. Games that families take part in create togetherness and enjoyment for all. Life is a puzzle at times, but God is there to help us put all the pieces together.
God does not condemn, but he joyfully gathers us into His fold. He truly is the good Shepherd anointing us with His oil of gladness to heal our wounds.

Glynn said...

It struck as I read this that the games we played as children were group games - or at least with one other child. Today's games -- the electronic ones -- are largely played alone. And that's a shame.

Good post, Karin.

Laura said...

Trading one type of game for another. :) I too have made this circle dance, Karin. And now, we play badminton. Never, in a million years could I have imagined. Isn't God wonder-full?

Nancy said...

Thank you for such a refreshing post! I love words...roots prefixes and suffixes. Taking them apart has always been fun...anagrams were good. Loved Scrabble and Connect 4. As kids, we all loved a game called PIT where there were cards and a bell. Getting to hit that bell was an exciting way to announce one's progress!

Glynn's comment about group games is quite valid. We all need community!

BTW...thanks for stopping by Songs At Night blog and leaving your encouraging comment. It was appreciated.

Anonymous said...

this post reminds me of the song that joni mitchell sang called "the circle game."

thought not quite the same as what you were talking about. interesting how we come full circle.

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