24 March 2010

Apologizing - Re-rant

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In January I posted the following words as part of the post A Rant - An Apology . Nothing has changed as far as connection speed, and I feel progressively worse about my inability to leave comments on many of your blogs. So I offer these words of apology again as my way of asking for your patience and forgiveness.

I seem to waste ridiculous amounts of time waiting for my computer to respond to simple requests. I get frustrated. I get impatient. I get angry at our lack of options. It's not that we refuse to pay for high-speed, or wireless, or satellite or cable, there is none available.

"I love my life here in the country" I tell myself again and again. And I do.


When I try to reach out and connect with many of you I find that your pages won't load. I can't view your videos, never mind enter into the new realm of vlogging. The connection is just too slow.

Most painful of all is my inability to leave as many comments as I'd like. As a blogger, I know how those words of encouragement and understanding, those "amens" spur us on. I don't enjoy being a lurker when I truly do have things to share with you.

So I ask for your forgiveness. I'm with you. I'm reading and loving your words and hearts. I'm sending you my prayers. I'm leaving my responses where and when I can.

Will you join me in prayers that internet options here will soon change? And please be patient with me until that time comes.

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Teri Lynne Underwood said...
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Teri Lynne Underwood said...

No apology necessary, my friend! All of life is a trade-off ... and the joy you find in living in the country is worth a slower connection. Big hugs and appreciation for your encouragement and friendship!!

S. Etole said...

always good to visit here ...

Trisha said...

What nice wishes for your friends! I know it must be frustrating to have things so many of us take for granted end up being such a big time investment. How could your friends not know you're thinking of them, especially after this sweet post? :)

Helen said...

Hi. I read your comment on Wendy's blog. I was wondering what the weight limitation is on those exercise balls. You mentioned that you were once a trainer, so I was hoping you'd know. I am very heavy, but working on it. Do I need to wait until I lose a lot of weight first. Thanks, HFF.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no need to apologize!!!

And have you checked ALL the options for internet? We live out in the country also, and there is no DSL or High Speed either.

But we got Satelite. (I can't spell that word)

Or ask your cell phone company.

See ya around!