18 March 2010

Listening to the Lord

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We all have morning routines, right?

I have been used to staying beneath the covers while Rick showers, dresses, eats his breakfast and checks news, weather and email online. Then he would bring me a cup of coffee and read our morning devotional.

This time snuggled into the warm used to be a time of prayer and communion with the Lord, but I must confess that lately, more often than not, I would drift back to sleep until devo time. Then I would begin my time online as Rick left for work.

I felt as God was asking for "intimacy before internet" and I have chosen to obey. I now have Rick wake me after his shower when he comes back in the bedroom to dress. I move into the living room, with a cup of coffee and my journal and begin the day in conversation with my Lord. My time with Him challenges me, encourages me and sets my course for the day ahead.

This is from a journaling session last week. The Lord was welcoming me back to our time of communion. When I refer to journaling session, note that the words in regular type are mine and the words in italics are those I sense the Lord saying back to me.

Dear Lord Jesus, I choose to begin my day with You, hungry for Your presence and more intimacy with You before I let the world in. What would You like to share with me this morning?

Welcome back, little one, I've missed you. This is a special time for us, when you pick up your pen to listen to Me. I am pleased that have chosen to return and the cry of your heart is sweet music to me.

The road you have been on has had many curves, twists, inclines that have been muddy, slippery and hard to navigate. But, my child, I have been there for every step, and each challenge has had its purpose. As you faced each difficulty head on, you were learning that I can make the crooked places straight.

Yes, you walked through the valley of the shadows of death KNOWING that I Am with you. Perhaps knowing in a deeper way than ever before. Now there is new light illuminating the road ahead. Yes, little one, it is time to celebrate. Rejoice in all you have come through. Well done. Well done.

Set apart for My heart
Set apart from the start
Chosen, selected, beloved you are
To live in a place set apart.

Do not fear, child, for even when you think you are walking away, I make certain that your steps lead you ever closer to Me.

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Deidra said...

"devo time" I like that. And I appreciate your thoughts here today.

sharon said...

"Do not fear, child, for even when you think you are walking away, I make certain that your steps lead you ever closer to Me."

This has been my experience with God over the years. It's so so true

Shelby said...

AMEN. Every bit of this post resonates with me. Thanks for sharing ... and for your support and prayers over these last weeks.

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