25 February 2009

Losing the road and finding the field

Winter continues on here in Manitoba, with February and March generally the months of greatest snowfall. This can make for adventurous rides home on our country gravel road. Yesterday, if one were to pay heed only to the reported amount accumulation, you would think there shouldn't have been any problem travelling.

But then, we have the winds.......

The new snow and the snow in the fields had blown across the roads so badly that it was almost impossible to see where the gravel ends and the ditches begin. Slowly, impossibly slowly it seemed, I inched my way along. I made it to our own private road, around one curve, and almost around the next. Almost.

The two tires on the passenger side found the field and then the vehicle refused to move any further. The 3/4 mile walk home through the snow was spent thanking God for keeping me safe and the vehicle stuck but unharmed. The tow truck didn't want to risk the roads last night, so we got pulled out about 10 this morning. I'm always thankful to have a CAA membership to cover the costs.

We haven't had more snow yet today, and the winds have been fairly calm. The ride home tonight should be relatively uneventful. I'll let you know.

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sailorcross said...

Wow!! And we have had very little snow here this year at all!! Ice quite a few times, but no snow that is even worth mentioning!!

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I'm sure you're looking forward to Spring!!!


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