10 March 2009

Catching up

It has been a busy and unsettled time around here, but God has been, as always, in control. I have been adjusting to and learning my new job as an assistant at a real estate appraisal company. What a blessing to be able to do my work and leave it behind me, not waking up in a panic anxious about what has yet to be done.

On Thursday February 26th, as we were enjoying hosting the Watoto Choir at our church we heard news that Rick's family's home was ablaze. People and pets got out safely, but the house was destroyed. On one of the coldest nights of the month, the fire fighting was an incredible scene to watch.
We discovered late that night from Rick's son Ryan, that Ryan's mom, Rick's first wife, had been the victim of a hit and run that afternoon as she was waling across Main street. She was sent to Winnipeg with 12 broken ribs and bits of vertrabrae broken off her spine. She faces many months in the hospital, healing and regaining strength.

The events left Rick feeling awestruck at God's protection, provision and blessings over the two of us, and prayerful for the rest of his family who do not walk with the Lord. We declare God's Word over these situations and trust that He will work in hearts in amazing ways. "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Last Thursday night brought much happier news as Ryan's daughter Aurora Rae was born. Rick is a grandpa and I find myself a step-grandma too! She might be the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen, but then, I confess there could be a touch of bias there.

Here's a picture of her Grandpa Rick when he was a little one. There's no denying that this is his girl, is there?

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sailorcross said...

Wow!! A lot of things going on there!! A new job, a fire, a car accident--and then a new little life brought into this world!!

I have to agree--she is definitely a cutie!! Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful newborn!!

Prayers for you and Rick's family as they traverse this most recent storms and blessing upon Aurora Rae!! (love her name!!)


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