14 November 2008

Missing In Action

Greetings. Hello. Hi there. Remember me?

It's hard for me to be away from reading and writing in blog land. It seems I have had very few free moments. We have revival meetings going on in town for a few weeks and I have wanted to take in as much as possible.

So between work, studying, and being in church I've had little chance to be here.

I'm sure that all that I am soaking in and absorbing right now will spill out on these pages in the days ahead.

Until then, keep me in your prayers as you remain in mine.


sailorcross said...

I know you're there, but I miss you!!

Absorb and learn and then share with all of us!! I love it when you share what you have learned!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!


Peggy said...

Blessings His Firefly...How wonderful that you are soaking in some REVIVAL! I will look forward to you sharing whatever God moves you to spill out!!! Enjoy the feast! You are not MIA...there's much for me to read from your past writings. I have been reading but sorry not too many comments! I'm so glad you are being filled up!

Rachel said...

You will be in my prayers . . . meanwhile flicker on!



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