05 April 2008

Family Dinner

After the morning at the Bulrushes we went to Suubi to be treated to a dinner in a family home. We were served traditional food including the national dish of Uganda matoke, (green banana steamed in banana leaves). The 4 girls in this home are training to be part of the choir that will be here at MVCA in June and we persuaded them to sing for us. How moving to listen to orphans rejoicing in their Lord and singing “I am not forgotten, God knows my name”

Many of the women who provide the daily care for the children have also experienced great loss, widows who have struggled to raise their families after the death of their husbands. Watoto provides them the opportunity to have a better life and also to play a vital role in the destiny of their country. I am not sure if they even realize how important they are as they raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders. Robina is still new at the task, having been a housemother for less than a year. She struggled to speak with us knowing very little English, but the warmth and love in her spirit shone brightly. She truly felt as if we were sisters.

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