01 February 2008

Back to The Bulrushes

A very busy Saturday began with a morning visit to the Watoto Baby's Home. We cuddled, kissed, tickled, played with and prayed over the little ones. Rick spent much of his time with a girl named Hope and I was with Sarah. Our hearts indeed were stolen by these beautiful little girls.

Geoff found a little boy to hold and both of them drifted off to a peaceful time of rest. I am reminded of my flight to Entebbe from London. I was feeling quite sick and tired but unable to sleep. I was turned a bit sideways and leaning into the seat, trying to imagine myself leaning on God’s chest for comfort. I sensed He wanted me to stretch myself full out upon Him, for I was very small compared to His greatness, so I turned again, leaning straight back into my seat The word He gave to me was ”I will hold you and I will heal you. As you lay upon my chest, in My arms you will find rest” This picture of Geoff was like a living image of that promise.

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