05 April 2008

Saturday continues

Because we would be on the road early Sunday morning on our way to the safari lodge, our long and busy day continued with a 5 PM worship service at KPC. God is so willing to meet each one who walks in the door of His house! It was World AIDS Day and we were blessed to be able to pray with someone we had never met before, a Ugandan man who happened to sit next to us. It was good to share with someone who was not one of our team members. The devestation Aids has left in its wake in Africa is beyond words, yet with the love of God and the help of the KPC community cell groups, HIV positive men and women are being ministered to and cared for.

We got home and had a quick dinner then off to bed to try to get some sleep before our early wake up. We had to be on the buses ready for a 4 AM departure. For all of us who were going to be partaking in the safari adventure there was a tangible sense of excitement and joy!

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