25 March 2019

towers and tiles

Photo by Nextvoyage from Pexels
The other evening, as I closed my eyes, I saw an image of the Eiffel Tower and later, a picture of beautiful mosaic work. Yesterday, I asked the Lord if He was trying to say something through these pictures. This morning, He answered, plainly.

Think of the shape if the Eiffel Tower, it grows narrower as it grows taller. So too shall our work together be, little one.

At the base, the beginning, it is broad, wide.  What we first look at in your life will be basic and general. But as we elevate, the things we will target together will get more focused, more specific as the air thins and there is less of the world. Where there is little solid ground, you will not be able to depend on what you know but only lean on Me.

But the view, oh the view, child, when you begin to see what I see!
The mosaic is simple. It is beauty created from brokenness. It is a picture of how I see your life, a reflection of My glory.

Do not despise the breaking.
Do not fear the thin air.
I Am the Master and I Am at work.

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