14 June 2016

Yes - going back

I wish we had time to sit down face to face, to be better able to share our hearts for the people of Zambia and the work you are enabling us to do through your partnership.

I would show you pictures of maize grown using methods taught in Foundations for Farming that surpassed any natural expectation and how teaching those methods can transform lives and communities.

I would share the story of Lisa, a fifty year old widow in Makalulu, the largest slum compound of Zambia.  Community volunteers shared the good news of Christ while tending to her physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Though her body was ravaged by HIV/AIDS when we visited, the joy of the Lord filled her tiny living space.

Not long after our visit, Lisa went home to meet Jesus. Saddened that we could no longer spend time with her we still rejoiced in her homecoming, a victory that would not have been possible without community outreach.

If we were sitting sharing a cup of coffee or tea you would be able to see the passion in our eyes and hear it in voices that don’t quite translate to paper. We know we have been chosen and we are returning to Zambia to continue the work we have been called to. The needs are enormous and our hands are small, but we serve a mighty God who can work wonders through our limitations.

We would love to have you standing with us again through this next leg of the journey as we are entering into exciting, busy and challenging times.

Our current needs include not only our personal support but funding of the Foundations for Farming ministry that Rick is establishing.  If you have any questions, please ask. We love talking about what God is doing.

More importantly, would you continue to pray with and for us?  It is the prayers of God’s people that make all things possible.


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