12 December 2015

morning drive

the traffic jams we fight
each time we drive to town
have let us weary

yesterday, with intention
we turned the opposite direction
heading off on our first adventure
solo on African soil

after reaching our desired destination
an organic farm and butchery
and filling our cooler with fresh cut
unbelievably priced meats
we continued further
scanning the roadside for the furniture stalls
we had been told about

a road sign caught my eye
a high end hotel/safari lodge
we turned to discover it was a three kilometre drive
down a bumpy road
we were free and unscheduled
and needed a bathroom break
so we continued on

a friendly gate guard welcomed us
we explained we wanted to inquire
about a future holiday visit
"sure sure Mama" he smiled
"of course you are welcome Bwana"
he waved us through 
where another sign informed us
we had yet another four kilometres to travel
ruts and ridges and dust
but all worth it
once we stepped out into His glory

the hotel was beautiful, luxurious and steeply priced
far beyond our budget
but we were able to wander the grounds
to spy antelopes and monkeys
stretching car stiff legs

the road back to the highway
stretched dry before us
and as always
the return trip seemed shorter

we didn't care
that we hadn't found the furniture man
that will be a reason
for another drive
another day

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