21 December 2014

to the lake

Mid-August we left the comfort and routine 
of our secluded and peaceful Manitoba acreage.

We spent ten days of training and orientation 
in The Netherlands with two hundred others
from all corners of the world.

Then we moved on to Kabwe, Zambia 
for nine weeks of intensive discipleship training
living in community with many others on the mission’s base.

The beginning of November 
we finally arrived in Ntaja, Malawi
the spot we believe God has called us to serve.  
Our field leaders have had much time away 
which has made for a more difficult than usual 
period of settling in and adaptation.

From December 20 through January 5 
the Malawi base is shut down
so we have come to Lake Malawi 
to relax, rejoice, pray and prepare 
for the year ahead of us.  
We will have private time 
to connect with each other 
and seek closer communion with our Lord 
as we celebrate this Christmas season.

Day one has left us sun kissed, tired and thankful.

His glory surrounds us 
as He stirs the waters and paints the skies.

1 comment:

diana said...

Sounds like a good and necessary break after an extremely intense few months. Enjoy every minute of it!

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