02 December 2014

prayer for a stranger

I saw you stagger, hesitate
almost fall
as you stepped slowly
on the dusty red sand road
just outside our gates
you passed first one direction
then the other
and back yet again

while some laughed
and jeered
saying you were drunk
others believed you were blind
and only one
stepped out to help
giving you a long stick
to help you walk

I pray tonight
that if you have a home
you found your way there
unharmed and whole

I pray tonight
that when you fall
it will be into arms
that have waited long 
to embrace you

I pray tonight
knowing there is a God
Who loves you
in your confusion
blindness, despair
Who never loses sight of you
even when you can not see
no matter how lost you are

I pray tonight for you
for me
for the scoffers
for His mercy
and His grace
to drench us all
and leave us shining
with His love

1 comment:

diana said...

Absolutely beautiful, Karin. Thank you.

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