20 October 2014

opportunity knocked

no classes today
I was feeling useless
wasting time with nothing to do
though many were relishing free time

opportunity knocked
certainly not by circumstance
but design as we joined several others
riding via public transport
to the large city hospital

the wards were large
nothing close to privacy exists
I was almost embarrassed
to think of the richness
of our facilities at home

I gazed into eyes shining with pain
or fear, hollow above sunken cheeks
limbs stick like, lacking substance

we ministered side by side 
with the chaplains
encouraging new believers
praying for the sick

I helped one young man
who was sitting at his mother’s bedside
pray a prayer of surrender
to the Lord, releasing his old life
for new, reborn
angels were rejoicing today

we stopped for an ice cream cone
after the return trip home
the taste refreshing
but not nearly as sweet
as heaven’s salvation song

happy to be backed at Kelli's where the rhythms are all His


1 comment:

Amber Cadenas said...

I love how you opened your day, made space for the unexpected - and where it took you. These images of beauty, of suffering, of death, of sweet welcome. Thank you.

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