18 October 2014

hopping free

there was
a sparrow hopping free
without doubt
or fear
taking in the morning light
and how much more
will He care 
for me?
in my weakness
who have I but my Lord?
as I lean broken
and weary
into arms willing
to carry me in love
I need not be able
no, I must be
nothing, that He
might be all
if there be any glory
in this dying
may it all be unto Him
here am I, Lord
use me as You will
the shattered pieces are Yours
as I am willing
to be willing
to be rebuilt
by Your hands

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
back resting with Snady


1 comment:

caryjo said...

What a blessing to see your photo and the words again. You truly continue to be a blessing. Would love to be with you, BTW.

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