14 September 2015

Battle orders

Early morning prayer time
preparing for battle
I received His orders:

Arise and move into position
arise and arm yourselves
there is a battle that you do not see
but ask of Me
and I will increase your spiritual vision
ask of Me
and I will give you ears to hear

Arise and man your stations
I have a designated place
for each of you

Together you stand
together you fight
and I Am in your midst
yes, I Am at the core
your Defender
your Protector
your Provider
I Am the Lord strong and mighty

Arise and take courage
your God Is ever with you
like Gideon, declare My victory
Mine is a Kingdom of love
and the war has already been won

When I and all who are with me blow the trumpet (ram’s horn), 
then all around the camp you also blow the trumpets and shout,
 ‘For the Lord and for Gideon!’

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