11 March 2015

amid the razor wire

Today is a first! 
My beloved husband is guest posting here at Flickers.  
He has been moved by what his eyes have seen.
So, without delay, here's Rick!
Pretoria is a beautiful city.  Hilly, so challenging to walk.  But if you are able to walk there are a great many things to notice.  In the more prosperous areas the people love to have gardens with flowers, flowering trees, and rare, unique plants thriving in an area where anything grows.
However, practically everything is protected by either an electric fence or high fences topped with coils of razor wire and steel gates at the driveways!  Most homes also subscribe to the services of security businesses some of whom advertise that they respond armed.  Thus the homes are guarded and display ugly security system signs but there is still much beauty amid the razor wire.



Mike Swarbrick said...

Be careful with your jewellery and watches in public, South Africa is a sheep's place. I was so shocked when I saw all the electrified razor wire there. When I visited in 2008, the murder rate was 22 times the rate in the UK. It is such a beautiful country, but so sad that it is ruled by fear and prejudice. Stay safe, be blessed and enjoy your break. Ps Racheal is down the road from you in Johannesburg at the moment :)

Mike Swarbrick said...


Anonymous said...

This is such an interesting view of where we come from. The beauty people try to foster while still living with such huge wires around, the ugliness they themselves have placed there! May you feel God's protection and care around you despite the prisons people build around themselves.

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