16 November 2014

Three in One

I am working through a book gifted to me by my Discipleship Training mentor called The Path of Celtic Prayer.  In the first lesson on praying Trinity prayers the assignment was to write poetic prayers of our own.

Glorious Father, Three in One, Holy Trinity

Today I am Yours
surrendered and submitted
to all You have planned
may the fullness of Your desire
unfold from sunrise to sunset

To You, Holy Father 
I promise to worship
all that You are
and all that You created
sun, moon and stars
the Heavenly Host
designed by Your hand
and everything that has breath

To You, Holy Son, my Lord and King
I promise to ponder Your great love
so vast that sacrificed all
for me, even if it had been only for me
May my heart be eager for reunion
to gaze into Your eyes
and walk by Your side
alive and abiding in You

To You, precious Holy Spirit
I promise to listen
as You whisper in the wind
strumming ever so gently
the strings of my heart
reminding me of all that is holy
all that is true
blowing away the chaff



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