03 September 2014

treading the red dirt

our feet are treading red dirt again
the hunger to be here intensified 
as we gazed out the airplane’s small window
“it has been seven years” I whispered to Rick
“yes, far too long’ he replied.
stuffed into a small transport vehicle
we bumped along the road between Lusaka
and Kabwe, and much of our view
matched our memories of Uganda
things are both familiar
and totally foreign 
in ways we did not experience during our last trip
perhaps because then we knew our time there was short
but now we are here
for two years, or more years
knowing that God is asking, encouraging
expecting us to adapt
we are in His hands
as always, walking by faith
but the sight in both glorious
and astounding



Sandra Heska King said...

So thrilled for the two of you. Trying to imagine your new life. And glad for the ability to see through your words.

marygems said...

may God BLESS you all as you settle into such a different way of life...it's a sacrifice very dear to the Lord's heart.....I look forward to photos and news of how you all settle in.
Have you read, heard of Katie Davis who wrote Kisses from Katie...she went to Uganda at 18, went back to live at 19 and soon had adopted 22 children and ministers to 400 more daily....http://www.amazima.org/katiesbook.html
I pray that everything you [all] set your hands to will prosper.
Mary, New Zealand...and reader for several years now :)

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