04 October 2012

On the rock

The past year things have been shaking, in me and around me.  Things I might once have leaned upon proved unstable.

God has indeed accomplished what He desired, for I am learning, day by day to lean wholly upon Him.

I may be quiet for a day or two.  Minor surgery could keep me resting away from the computer.

I am standing on the rock.  Will you join me there?



Alicia said...

Praying that your "quiet time" is also time to be nourished by God's sweet hand.

Hope your recovery is a quick one.

Jason Stasyszen said...

Amen. And all the blessings of the healing that flows in His blood be yours, Karin.

Anonymous said...

Good song.

Cheryl Smith said...

Wow. I'm always intrigued when God speaks the same thing to me and someone else. I'll be praying for your abiding time, and that you'll rest knowing, "all other ground is sinking sand."

Hugs to you this day!

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