29 November 2008

Talking with my Lord

Dear Lord, I seem to have wanted to walk on my own -- to think that I could do things without You. To imagine I can live without Your guidance is foolish.

Ah, but you can walk alone, little one. I allow you that freedom. You always have that choice. But do you find fullness of life that way?

No, Lord God, life becomes thin and flat and difficult. I lose my peace, the peace I have when I walk in step with You. So what would You like to say to me today, Lord God? I am here and I am listening.

It is good you are taking time to rest. Come and let us relax together. Exhale and release all the busyness and excess. Breathe in My Spirit of calm and lean on Me. This place by My side is always here for you. As I abide at My Father's right hand, so too you can abide at My right hand. Yes, place your hand in mine, knowing I have not ever, nor ever will let you go.

You are in a period of adjustment, learning what to surrender and what to hold fast. Did you imagine it would be easy to die to your self? The process is turbulent, yes, even painful -- but I am always here to love you through it. Even as you felt like you were running, you haven't stryed from Me, for I honour your choice to abide. I cherish your choice to abide and protect it. Your spiritual beauty is unfolding and I am pleased, well pleased. Receive My pleasure.


sailorcross said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!

Learning what to surrender and when--sometimes even church related activities where we are serving--can be a turbulent and painful time.

But, what comfort!! God is there, always there, and He knows and understands. Sit and rest and abide in Him.


sailorcross said...

I just read your comment on my post--and I know where I would be without HIM, and I don't EVEN want to go there again. Never, ever again!!

Yes, you are so right--where would we be--you and me?


sharon said...

Dying to self has been the hardest thing for me; just when I heave a sigh of relief and congratulate myself for finally surrendering one thing or the other, I find myself promptly struggling with something else. Thank God He is there - it is pure bliss to relax with him.


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